Running Errands for the Boss Lady in Singapore

... najib tun razak says permodalan nasional berhad and khazanah nasionalI can honestly say that I have an interesting job, although it is also true that my Boss lady is really demanding and she loves to put her expensive heels into the seat of my pants if I do not jump high enough when she yells. Of course the last three guys could not make her happy and it is a fair bet that I will fall short of her expectations soon enough. Today I am in Singapore, delivering a package to a place called duo residences singapore. That is a nice gleaming new 21 story skyscraper, which is apparently not quite open. The guy I went to see was obviously interested in her, in more than just the way that you want to do business with a nice middle aged millionairess. Of course she is an attractive lady, still on the low side of 40 I would guess and very charming when you are not on her payroll.

This guy immediately took me on a little tour of his skyscraper, well it was a skyscraper he was helping to build I suppose.