Always Host off Shores, Always

We all know that we do not want to run our servers out of the united states, but there is a lot of debate out there about where you should host your servers from, there are tons of good places out there but there is not telling what those other countries will give up for a little bit of money, I think that the best option for everyone at this time is an offshore shared hosting plan, it is where your server is frequently switching between countries so that you can be assured in the fact that you are not going to get busted with it, there is no way for them to track you down if this is the way you play it so don’t be afraid of getting caught. I know I was for the longest time, but I was assured in the fact that I was being silly and I now don’t worry about a thing. I jsut let them do their job while I stay over here and do mine, which has nothing to do with server rooms or anything of that nature. So far there have been absolutely zero problems with the way that I run my servers, which is quite a good thing considering what I have on them. I will not go into any specifics but it is not something that the government would take to kindly on if they knew I was hosting this on any website, let alone one in the states. And that is why we always put our servers elsewhere, otherwise they could just tear them down whenever they wanted and we would be left out in the cold, that does not happen if you use an offshore server, you can trust me on that. I have been doing it for a few years now.