An Explosive Economic Growth in Asia

As of late I have received a lot of flack from both family and friends for making the decision to move to Singapore. To me, it’s simply a no brainer if a person is willing to open their eyes, and their mind, to see the world around them. We like to think that the Untied States is at the top of the world and in some ways they might be but without a doubt, they are not going to be there for much longer economically. I checked into Highline Residences in Kim Tian while I was still in the United States and after some research, I took the dive and moved.

It might seem impulsive but all I needed to do was look at an infographic that showed the quality of life growth found in different countries, the economic growth and technology investments that were being made by countries all over the world. It was clear; Singapore was leading nearly in every class. While they do not have the military might that the United States does (and who ever could?), they are creating a country that is free of corruption while developing one of the most free economies in the world.

This is a country where success can be found. I might be a foreigner but even we can find work or even start a business here just like any other citizen can. Already I am working toward attaining a dual citizenship! It blows me away that my family could be so naive to believe that Asia is not going to experience one of the most explosive financial and economic growths that the world has ever seen; pulling themselves out of third and second world status to prove to the rest of the world that they are a power to contend with.