An Opportunity to Live in Singapore

Duo Residence - Bairro Grageru - Aracaju/SE.I’ve known for some time that a promotion was in my future. Last week my boss called me into his office and asked me to sit down. I had just finished up a huge project for a pretty prestigious client, so I thought that this could be the moment. In fact, it was. I was offered a better job and higher salary, with one condition- I would be relocated to Singapore. Our company has business ties with the duo residences, a stunning high-rise apartment building in the city. By relocating me there, the company would have someone in place locally that they could trust.

I immediately thanked my boss, and told him I would need to speak with my family. When I said that, he reminded me that my relocation costs would be taken care of, and I would be provided with housing in the beautiful new apartment building once it was open. Of course I wanted to instantly accept the promotion, but this is a big deal that needed further discussion. A move to a new country is a lot to take in.