Getting Our House Appraised and Refinanced

My wife and I decided to try and refinance our home. We were paying a higher interest rate than what we were comfortable with. When we took out our loan, it was actually a good rate, but rates have dropped significantly since then. When we looked into what our new payments could be, we would be saving a good chunk of money each year with a refinanced loan. The first step in making this happen was to look at the different Sacramento real estate appraisers and choose which one we wanted to use.

Once we started researching them, it was easy enough to see which one was the clear winner of all of them. What I really liked about this particular appraisal service is that they explained the entire process on their site. I was able to read about the inspection process, which meant we knew exactly what was going to happen every step of the way. They also explained about the application for the Sales Comparison Approach. I would have had no idea what was even meant by that otherwise. Finally, the reconciliation, or the final step, was explained in detail.

None of the other sites that we looked at took the care and attention to detail that this company did, and they did not stop in just explaining the appraisal process. They also come out within 48 hours of being called, because they know that time is valuable, particularly to the person wanting to either get financed or refinanced. When we called them, the person we talked to was extremely professional,. and she was able to schedule an appointment for the appraiser to come out the following morning. Because they were so quick, we were able to get the bank’s part started immediately, and we were approved for a lower interest rate.