Got a Job with an Architect

Valbruna Pure Men's TeeI am not really sure how this happened, but I have a job working with an architecture firm now. Mostly I am in charge of gathering information for the purposes of quoting jobs. I have a background in that sort of work, having been involved in bidding on jobs almost all of my adult life. For instance there is one architect here who loves to work in shiny metals and so I might be looking at the price of stainless steel brisbane or so forth. I admit that I like the look of the stuff as well and some of the stuff that this guy designs is really nice. Other times he goes over the top in my opinion, but it is not what I think that counts. Perhaps he is aware that the people who look at the designs and make the decisions will like it like that, because they do seem to let him build a lot of these buildings.

The design work is just the beginning of it though. You have to make sure that the design is executed properly and bring the project home within the budget, or at least within some reasonable range of the budget. There are going to be things which go wrong and which knock you off the time table, and much of it can not be predicted or ameliorated. You just have to live with things like typhoons. They can really knock you off of a time table really badly and it is not just the storm itself. You have one coming at you and that means you have to make everything that you can secure and even the winds preceding and following a big typhoon are strong enough to stop you from working. The crane is the big thing to protect.