Graduation Party and a Toronto Limo Bus

cities services party bus toronto bachelor party bus hire partyOut of all the things we did for my high school graduation, the toronto limo bus was the best. My mom and dad rented a big bus to transport family and friends to an amusement park where I really like the roller coaster rides. My dad and I are roller coaster aficionados. We have actually been to about 20 parks, and this one is the best and local.

Most of my friends had backyard barbecues for their graduation parties. I got a bus filled with friends and family and a day at an amusement park. The bus was really cool. You step up into it like you do any bus, but there are no rows of seats. Believe me, I have a lot of experience in riding in school buses, especially since I had just graduated school. I have ridden on a bus since my second day of kindergarten. My mom took me the first day because I did not want to go. This bus was wide open and the seating was down the sides facing toward the open area in the middle.