He Became a Good Lawyer

I had a friend that could talk himself out of anything that he wanted to. When we were in school and he did something really bad he was told that he could talk himself out of it and everyone knew that it was true. Even when the teacher told him that he said he was going to be a good lawyer. He did not know what type of lawyer he wanted to be but I said that a rape defense fairfax virginia lawyer would be good for him since he would be able to defend a lot of different people that he might come into contact with. It would take a special type of person to defend this type of charge and it was really important that he took the time to go and speak with others to learn what he could do for them.

I know that I had a few friends in college that were wrongly accused of this type of crime and once it was in the paper and made the rounds that they had the charges made against them they never got their reputations back and it was really sad. I wanted to be able to spend some time with the people in the area that knew them and when I spoke with them they told me that the girl’s story was not true. I just had to know for myself that they were innocent because I put a lot of time into my friendship with them. It turned out that the girl was troubled and did not want to have her reputation ruined by all of the people that she had been with so it was good for me that I was able to figure out that she was lying for my own good and knowledge.