Info About the Guoco Tower

I am curious to learn more information about guoco tower and I would like to be able to figure out if it could possibly be a good place to live in the future. I want to find out when it will be complete though, because that is pretty important information to me. I was thinking that someone told me that it will be finished in 2016, but I can’t seem to remember who told me that. I wonder if there will be any room available to move into before the entire tower is finished. I am guessing not though, because that doesn’t seem like something that would be likely to happen; rather, I am just curious right now.

I am going to need to try to find some floor plans, and I am hoping that I will be ale to do that on the internet. I wonder if they have been made yet, since it will not be for a couple years until the tower is complete. It seems to me like they would likely have that sort of thing complete by the time that they started construction on the tower in the first place. I am not positive, but it seems like it would be an important step to helping to convince potential investors or something like that. I have also heard that this tower is going to be the highest building in all of Singapore. If that is true, then that would be very cool, and it would make it a cooler place to live than I had previously thought. I need to look around on the internet to try to confirm some of this information that I have heard about the tower, and then to learn some more info about the tower and what it will be like when finished.