Just Got Here to Dayton

I actually ran into some guys from the basketball team today. Me and some other guys were playing ball at the park when these other guys showed up and started beating us pretty good. I was the best guy on the court before they showed up and I played ball in high school, but I was on the wrong team today. I still have not finished moving in though. I had a place that I thought was ready. I even called this Dayton Internet service and arranged an appointment for them to hook me up, but the place was not empty. Apparently the landlord and the tenant who is in this place are in a dispute. I did not know it was all that hard to throw some guy out of an apartment, but apparently this guy is big on litigation and he is not going quietly. From what the other people tell me no one is going to miss him.

The landlord offered to give me back my deposit and said that he was not sure how long it was going to take to sort out the stuff in the courts. He says the guy has broken his lease, but the guy disagrees and they have to sort it out in the court. From what I can tell this guy has issues. The girl I was talking to claims that he vandalized her car because of some sort of argument they had. It was over loud music at odd hours of the night. Of course all of these people are college students, so you would probably have to be really loud and obnoxious to be too loud and obnoxious for them. It is not the noise, but they all seem to hate the guy and want him to get out.