Making Using the Pressure Washer an Easier Task

I really wanted a pressure washer that was easy to deploy each time I wanted to use it. My problem was our detached garage had no water. I had to drag out the pressure washer, hook up the hose at the house, connect it to the pressure washer by screwing the hose fitting onto it and then getting started. My idea for the best pressure washer was born out of that. I got a few parts and pieces and made it work.

We have an 18 inch frost line where we live. It was pretty easy to dig a narrow ditch from the basement wall of the house to the garage. I did that and drilled a hole through the wall of the basement and the floor and footer of the garage. I ran a flexible water line form the house to the garage. I put in a freeze-proof spigot in the garage. A little soldering and I had a water line installed at the garage for my pressure washer. I hung up a powered hose keeper on the garage wall in the area where I stored the pressure washer. I put quick-disconnect hose fittings on the hose and the pressure washer. No more screwing the hose on and off. Just a push and click and I’m done.

It is so much easier now to get pressure washing chores done. I used to only bring out the pressure washer for big jobs because it took so much to set it up and put it away when I was done. Now it is quick and effortless to put it to use to clean the car or spray away the chalk drawings the kids do on the sidewalk so they can have a clean spot for new drawings. Having a pressure washer to clean things around the house is nice. You can turn it into the best pressure washer ever with a day’s work and a few parts and pieces.