New Safety Ladders for Our Building

I know a lot of companies just rely on official inspections to get things fixed, but I am not like that at all. If I see something that would pass a safety inspection from an official but I am still not comfortable with it myself, I will take action on it myself, regardless of the cost or inconvenience. I don’t want to put a single worker at risk, whether it is someone like me at the top or the lowest paid person who was just hired. Life has value, period. That’s why I looked at safety ladders not long ago.

I had taken my own unofficial inspection about two months ago, and I noticed that the ladder that is attached to the building on the outside leading to the roof was showing some wear and tear. This same ladder had passed inspection not even six months earlier, and I knew that it had not deteriorated a whole lot since then. I still did not like the looks of it myself, so I went online to see what my options were. The ladder was already there when I had purchased the building several years ago, so I had never had the need to research a safety ladder prior to this.

I just did a basic search, and that led me to a company that designs and manufactures the ladders themselves. I was surprised at the quantity of different styles, and I was pleased with the quality that I saw too. There was a blog that had a lot of relevant articles in it too, and I was able to get a lot of information about the kind of ladder I would need from that. I was able to talk to a rep from the company who helped me, and they came out to install not only one new ladder but three for me within a very short time period. They look better, they feel better, and I know the workers feel safer now too!